Peter Birkett captures the mind, bodies and souls of his subjects in his photographic work. People note the great composition and construction which he applies to his subjects. Peter is also an expert in digital manipulation, photoshop and so on. He brings the future into intimate contact with classic photographic skills for a unique blend of tradition with the best that technology can offer.


Peter Birkett’s work in sculpture is born of a deep insight into the subjects he works with.  Working with clay, bronze, driftwood and a host of diverse materials, Peter’s sculptures are born of a detailed insight and empathy with the subjects he works on.  All his pieces are unique creations.

Peter specialises in several areas:
Military – Capturing the essence of war: the people; the places; the hardware; the faces.  Check his TV appearance out where he explains the casting of a military statue for The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regt. and a Corporate Galileo sculpture for a London Based company.
Nudes – From the pure simplicity of the innocent nude to more erotic and exotic poses.